A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, there lived a peaceful people who used to contest with their friends to see who had the highest uptime server. At the time, it used to be awesome to have a server with more than 1000 days of uptime, to show how Linux was good and stable.


Nowadays, when I see a server with a long uptime, my thoughts are:

“Gosh, this server must be really outdated, it must have a lot of security issues, and God knows what will happen when we need to restart it! The fsck will take forever to run, if the server survives after the reboot!”

But don’t get me wrong: The uptime is still important, but not from a single machine. Now, what matters is the availability of the system as a whole. That’s why here at Movile, we design our platforms to be distributed among a lot of data centers and with fault tolerance, because we know that the hardware will fail sooner or later.

With this in mind, we are going to build a plugin to show the uptime from our nodes, with the ability to search separately by Data Center and order from major to minor. This will be a good opportunity to learn how to expand the Chef Server using a practical example. Also, this plugin is very welcome in times with the GHOST glibc vulnerability around, eating your time

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