At Amazon Web Services, one of the most common practices is to divide one account into multiple sub-accounts, where each one of them have their own credentials, instances and services. This practice adds complexity when we have a big network, but facilitates many things like: each account can have people with different roles and authorizations, without complex IAM rules; each cost center is entirely separated in a much easier way (without using tags, as it would be in the case of only one account); big projects may have their own totally independent infrastructure; among others.

When we have multiple accounts in the same company, we usually need to link these accounts in a secure way. A great way of doing this is using the VPC Peering to create VPCs in the same region. However, when the VPCs are in different regions, how can they communicate with each other? In this case, instead of using the native VPC Peering offered by AWS, we can create EC2 instances with IPSEC configured, to establish cryptographed VPNs between any network. We call this type of VPN a site-to-site VPN.

Here at Movile we use multiple AWS accounts in many different regions. To keep the monitoring and automation services up and secure, we had to implement these mechanisms. And here, in this tutorial, we show you how we did this.

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